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Do you have a large number of employees who don’t have remote access to internal digital business tools (e.g. drivers, salespeople, field workers) and want to include them in internal communications?

With the Digital Agora platform, you can engage every single employee. By installing the environment on a portable device, employees can access the most important information they need to do their jobs. In this way, you create an integrated digital work environment for each individual employee that impacts their productivity, engagement, and loyalty to the company.

Reaching and informing employees
Digital Agora makes it easy to keep your team informed. It makes sure everyone gets the information they need, when they need it. It's simple and designed with your employees in mind. Stay connected, make better decisions, and help your team do their best work.
Connecting employees for more engagement
Making Team Interactions Count: From group chats and kudos to polls and news comments, Digital Agora makes everyday interactions simple and meaningful. Dive into a space where everyone can share, respond, and feel part of the team.
Evolving with data-driven insights
Leverage the power of real-time analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of user interactions. By monitoring metrics like clicks, time spent on pages, and number of unique visitors, you can gain actionable insights to refine your content plans and strategies.
Our key features
Employees can read internal news and announcements from anywhere, at any time, and keep up to date with changes in their workplace.
Team members can express their gratitude, admiration and support for each other. Kudos promote collaboration and positivity.
Likes and comments
With this features, it's easier than ever for everyone to share their feedback. Whether it's a simple thumbs up or a detailed comment, every interaction is valuable.
Instant messaging
Whether HR wants to reach out to a group of co-workers or a team member to his department head, with instant messaging everyone is on the same page.
The people directory
Stay connected with an integrated people directory. You can easily find every employee in the company, with all their contact details and role information.
Documents such as pay slips, employment contracts and annexes are available to employees on the mobile app. They can view them anytime, anywhere.
Push notifications
Ensure timely information for all of your colleagues, no matter their location. Use push notifications for improved awareness.
Polls and surveys
Use tools such as polls and surveys to gather insights and ensure your strategies and initiatives are aligned with the wants and needs of your employees.
Build teams for the challenges of the future

Connect Digital Agora with the HR solution eHRM and offer your colleagues a comprehensive platform that enables efficient management of HR processes while ensuring employees have first-class digital communication within the company.

With eHRM, you create a comprehensive environment for developing, inspiring and engaging of all your colleagues. Employees will be engaged, loyal and satisfied, and your company will increase its competitive advantage in the market. Want to know more? Check out the website.

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Automatic servis d.o.o.
Connecting employees digitally for a better working environment and increased engagement
Automatic servis faced internal communication challenges resulting from the company's growth and changing organizational culture.
Our customers

We are proud of building our employees' digital experience on our digital platform mi.Mercator. We have set it up as a single point of entry where employees can access their apps, work plan, documents and training.

Tina Zafred,

Head of IT Operations and Product Manager of mi.Mercator, Mercator

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